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TD Asset Management brings new thinking to your most important challenges.

About US

Our Numbers*

Retail mutual fund assets

$120.6 billion


2.1 million

Assets managed by TD Asset Management

$345.2 billion
* As of March 31, 2017

Our Partners

TD Mutual Funds engage select Portfolio Advisers to provide specialized expertise for certain asset categories or sectors

How does ESG affect TDAM's investment process?

  • Investment analysis - We integrate ESG factors directly into our investment analysis by incorporating ESG considerations in our equity and credit research. In order to facilitate the integration, we maintain a proprietary ESG risk-management matrix to highlight areas of potential risk.
  • Engagement - We engage with companies across a broad range of industries in order to discuss the management of environmental and socially-sensitive issues such as fuel efficiency, safety, water treatment and carbon emissions.
  • Proxy voting – Exercising our voting rights as shareholders is one of the key ways we can positively influence environmental and social practices for the companies in which we invest. Since 2008, we have supported over 550 shareholder proposals related to a wide range of environmental and social issues.
  • At TDAM, we walk the walk - In 2015, we engaged with 47 Canadian companies on ESG issues, including a compensation committee chair on the link between shareholder performance and CEO pay and an oil and gas company on the status of its water recycling activities.
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