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International Travel Tips

Let us know you’re traveling overseas

Call us a week before you leave to let us know you're traveling to help us keep your cards secure.
  • TD Go Card:
  • Are you an Online Banking customer? Send us a secure message
    Log in to send customer service a secure message through the Message Center. Select General Customer Service as the subject and provide the locations and dates of travel

Plan ahead and save on foreign currency

  • Order currency for pickup
    Save time and money getting currency from TD instead of the airport. Order at least 2 business days in advance so you’ll have cash for transportation, tips and emergencies
  • Exchange foreign currency
    When you get home, exchange your foreign cash for U.S. dollars
  • Find a TD Bank near you with foreign currency
    On our locations page, enter your Zip or city/state, then check off Foreign Currency to find a TD with the currency you want. Order by phone or in person

Cards – the safe, convenient way to travel

  • No foreign transaction fees
    Use your TD Bank card and pay no foreign transaction fees anywhere you go, whether it’s your TD Bank Debit Card, TD Cash or TD First ClassSM Credit Card, TD Connect or TD Go Card*
  • More security and worldwide acceptance with chip technology
    You’re protected with chip technology – a microchip embedded in your TD credit, debit and prepaid cards that encrypts your data. Plus, chip cards are the global standard, in use in over 80 countries
  • Plus, the added security of Visa
    Debit card lost or stolen? Visa Zero Liability1 means you’re not responsible for unauthorized charges. We’ll issue a new card at any TD Bank, and monitor your account to prevent unauthorized use
  • Pay for purchases and access cash when you need it
    Use your TD Bank Debit Card, TD Connect Card or TD Go Card on all purchases anywhere Visa is accepted – in person, over the phone, online or through your smartphone, and access cash at ATMs
  • Added travel benefits with some TD cards
    Lost luggage? You may be covered if you purchased tickets with your TD Visa Signature® Credit Card.2 Restrictions may apply, see your TD Visa Guide to Benefits
  • Track your spending wherever you are
    Ever wonder where your money goes? We make it easy to keep track. Our online and mobile banking tools let you easily monitor your debit card transactions

Save on foreign transaction fees

When you use your TD Bank cards overseas, you’ll pay no foreign transaction fees.

A foreign transaction fee is typically a 3% charge on any transaction. That can really add up: a typical family vacation overseas could cost $5,000 – a possible savings of $150 in fees! That’s another dinner in your favorite city, a babysitter for the kids plus parents’ night out, or even another night at your hotel.

When you save on fees, you can spend more on what makes a vacation great – adventures and memories.

Other helpful tips for world travelers

  • Important phone numbers
    Save these international numbers for emergencies:
    Debit and prepaid cards: 1-215-569-05181-215-569-0518
    Credit cards: 1-706-644-32661-706-644-3266
  • Bring TD along for the trip
    Download the TD Mobile Banking App for your smartphone and tablet to track your transactions while you travel
  • Take care with your cash
    Don't keep all your cash in one place – and use a money belt to protect any cash and documents from pickpockets
  • Stay smart, safe and on budget
    The TD Connect reloadable prepaid card is a great alternative to cash and helps you stay on budget. Load funds before you go and set up balance alerts through Visa’s prepaid site to stay on track
  • Find out what's up where you're going
    Check the State Department website3 for alerts and additional travel resources

Put TD on your itinerary

The key to a successful trip is preparation, and we’re prepared to help – with all the details

Order currency

Find a TD Bank near you to see what foreign currencies are available

Keep TD informed

Call a week before you leave to let us know you'll be out of state or overseas

TD Bank Debit Card

Access your money and pay no foreign transaction fees anywhere you go

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