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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance at TD Bank Group

We are very proud of TD Bank Group's leadership in corporate governance. Strong corporate governance practices assure our shareholders that TD is being operated in their interests. We also believe that we will be more attractive to other investors because our strong corporate governance culture builds additional shareholder value.

The links below and on the left provide more information on our current practices and procedures relating to corporate governance at TD. Further information, including financial reports and certain other key regulatory filings of the Bank, can be located under Investor Relations.

Annual meeting voting results (PDF)

Speech by Brian Levitt, Chairman of the Board, to the Annual Meeting on March 26, 2015 (PDF)

Comparison of NYSE Corporate Governance Rules Required to be followed by U.S. Domestic Issuers and the Corporate Governance Practices of The Toronto-Dominion Bank (PDF)

View our Corporate Responsibility Report

Shareholders may communicate directly with the independent directors through the Chairman of the Board, by writing to:

Brian M. Levitt
Chairman of the Board
The Toronto-Dominion Bank
P.O. Box 1
Toronto-Dominion Centre
Toronto, Ontario
M5K 1A2
Or you may send an e-mail c/o TD Shareholder Relations  E-mails addressed to Mr. Levitt received from shareholders and expressing an interest to communicate directly with the independent directors via the Chairman will be provided to Mr. Levitt.