Taux hypothécaires

Voir nos taux hypothécaires et choisissez le taux qui vous convient. TD offre le prêts hypothécaires à taux fixe et prêts hypothécaires à taux variable.

Buying your first home?

Congratulations! Let us help you feel confident about purchasing your first home by finding the TD Mortgage that's the best fit for you.

Time to renew or refinance?

Learn about why you might renew or refinance, what you'll need to consider, and what your options are.

Buying your next property?

Whether you're buying a second home, vacation home, or rental property, we can help you understand your financing options.

How much mortgage can I afford?

Watch our TD Mortgage Affordability Calculator in action, and then try it yourself to find out how much mortgage you can afford.

What is a Renewal?

Learn what it means to renew your mortgage loan so you’re ready with the process.

How to Renew?

What you need to know about renewing your mortgage loan.

What is Refinancing?

Learn what it means to refinance your mortgage loan and when it’s right for you.

How to Refinance?

Read about how to refinance your mortgage loan.

The Annual Percentage Rate reflects, in addition to interest, some or all of the fees that apply to your mortgage loan.
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