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Fixed Income

Consider TD’s fixed income investments for secure investments with the added benefit of a stable stream of income.

What are fixed income investments?

The term fixed income investment describes a group of investments that provide a fixed-rate return for a set period of time. A common type of fixed income investment is a bond. Bonds are issued by the Federal, Provincial or Municipal governments and Federal crown corporations. Fixed income investments are one way to diversify your portfolio.

Benefits of a fixed income investment

1. Protect your principal and earn interest income

Backed by the issuer, fixed income investments can be a low risk option. Your initial investment is guaranteed by the issuer with the added benefit of interest income options.

2. Flexibility to meet your needs

Subject to your financial needs, fixed income investments offer a variety of maturity and income options.

3. Access to your money when you want it

Bonds can be sold at market value any time should you need access to your funds.

Fixed income investment choices

Government and Corporate Bonds

Through TD Direct Investing, you can buy and sell a variety of Government of Canada, provincial government and corporate bonds as new issues or on the secondary market, in denominations as low as $5,000. We also offer strip bonds, zero coupon bonds, new issues, municipals, Eurobonds, U.S. bonds and U.S. Treasuries. Canada Savings Bonds and Provincial Savings Bonds are offered during campaign periods.

Guaranteed Investment Certificates and Term Deposits

TD Direct Investing offers a wide selection of GICs and Term Deposits issued by our affiliates within TD, and by a growing range of participating institutions. These products include features such as escalating guaranteed rates, access to your funds, regular income, variable and index-linked returns. You can diversify among these many types of GIC/Term products to access all the benefits they afford.

Mortgage-backed Securities

Guaranteed by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), mortgage-backed securities combine the benefits of residential mortgages and Government of Canada bonds to offer investors safety, liquidity, competitive yields and the convenience of monthly income.

Money Market Instruments

Because many money market instruments are high quality, earn competitive yields and are highly liquid, they're often a good place to invest funds on a short-term basis. Choose from Government of Canada and Provincial treasury bills (T-Bills), bankers' acceptances and commercial paper.

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