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Analysts Choice Funds

Which funds would Mutual Fund Analysts choose?

Analysts’ Choice Funds (“ACF”) are chosen by a dedicated team of experienced Mutual Fund Analysts, so you can be assured that all mandates have been rigorously researched both from a quantitative and qualitative perspective. The ACF list is comprised of the Analysts’ best ideas, that historically delivered a consistent, long term track-record of success relative to its peers and benchmark within acceptable levels of risk.

Let our analysts do the work

The Analysts use a combination of quantitative and qualitative analytic techniques to narrow the universe of over 6,000 Canadian mutual funds and reduce it to approximately 60 funds deemed worthy of the ACF designation.

Quantitative Measures

Quantitative measures are robust and thorough:

  • Peer Group Ranking
  • Trailing Return History
  • Modified Sharpe Ratio
  • Risk Adjusted Rates of Return
  • Performance and Style Consistency

Qualitative Assessment

Take advantage of our 360-degree qualitative assessment:

  • Portfolio Manager Interviews
  • Manager Tenure & Experience
  • Performance Attribution
  • Organizational Strength
  • Fees

Where to find the Analysts’ Choice Funds ?

The Analysts' Choice Funds (ACF) list is available through the Mutual Funds Research Centre in the WebBroker Markets & Research site. To access it, register for WebBroker or apply to open a new account