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Low Cost Solutions – D-Series

D-Series mutual funds are designed for self-directed investors who want access to professional,
cost-effective money management. Making your own investment decisions has its benefits: by choosing a D-Series fund, you pay less for the same mutual funds compared to other series offered by TD Asset Management Inc. and other third-party fund families. In addition, there are no fees to convert or switch to D-Series from another series of the same fund.1

Invest in D-Series mutual funds through TD Direct Investing to reap the rewards of lower fees as a
self-directed investor.

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Expand Other Featured Fund Families with D-Series Options

  • Beutel Goodman Managed Funds Inc. (BTG)
  • Blackrock Asset Management Canada Ltd. (BLK)
  • Invesco Canada Ltd. (AIM)
  • Mackenzie Financial Corp. (MFC)
  • Penderfund Capital Management (PGF)
  • Purpose Investments Inc. (PFC)

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Frequently asked questions

D-Series mutual funds are a low-cost fund series designed exclusively for self-directed investors. These funds charge a lower management fee due to the reduction in the trailer fee.
D-Series funds are available to TD Direct Investing clients.
Yes. The investment objectives, strategies, holdings and management of the funds are the same. The only difference is the lower management fee due to the lower trailer fee on D-Series.
The lower management fee may result in D-Series delivering a slightly better return versus other series of the same fund.
Performance data becomes available one month after the launch of the fund. For historical performance, refer to the Investor Series fund equivalent.
Yes. A conversion or switch between two series of the same fund can be completed and no transaction fees will apply.
A switch between two series of the same fund will not generally have tax implications, but we recommend consulting with a tax advisor with respect to your specific situation.
No. D-Series funds can only be held in a self-directed account. To transfer a D-Series holding outside of a self-directed account, it will first need to be switched to another series of the same fund, such as Investor Series, before issuing the 'in kind' transfer. Please contact the brokerage you wish to transfer to, in order to confirm their policies.
Yes, as long as the other brokerage will accept the transfer. We recommend you contact the other brokerage to confirm their policies before initiating the transfer. Standard transfer-out fees may apply.
Minimum investment amounts for the initial purchase, subsequent purchases and systematic purchase plan minimums, may vary depending on the fund and series. Please refer to the simplified prospectus or Fund Facts document for each D-Series fund to confirm the minimum investment amounts.
No, unit holders will not be automatically converted from other series of the same fund to D-Series. Self-directed clients are responsible for making their own investment decisions.

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