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Tools and Additional Resources

Use TD's tools to help you grow your investments.

Tools and Additional

TD Direct Investing has simple, powerful
tools to help you successfully plan your
financial future.
Whether you are growing
your investments or saving for retirement,
use our tools to get the confidence you need
to reach your financial goals.

Use our tools to determine your investment objectives
and help reach your goals.

TD's Retirement Savings Calculator helps you stay on track toward your financial goals.

TD Retirement Savings Calculator

  • See where your finances stand
  • Understand your savings needs
  • Confidently plan with a TD Expert

   Plan your Retirement Savings

Net Worth Calculator

Get a clear image of your full financial picture.
Use this simple interactive tool to assess the value of your assets and liabilities.

Find your net worth

Guideline to Calculating
Investment Margin

Long stock? Short stock? Excess margins? Get the information you need to understand how margin is calculated.

Margin Guidelines and Calculations

Ready to get started?