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Funding Your Account

Move your money, quickly and easily

We provide several convenient ways to transfer funds easily into your TD Direct Investing account.

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TD Direct Investing Convenient Services

If you don’t have an account with TD Canada Trust, please visit your nearest branch or TD Direct Investing location to learn about your options to transfer.

CollapseEasyWeb Internet Banking

Move your money between your TD Canada Trust and TD Direct Investing accounts using EasyWeb Internet banking.

With EasyWeb, withdraw funds from

  • Personal deposit, commercial deposit and savings accounts
  • TD Direct Investing cash and margin accounts

Use EasyWeb to deposit funds to

  • Personal deposit, commercial deposit, savings and registered deposit accounts
  • TD Direct Investing Canadian cash and margin accounts
  • TD Direct Investing Canadian component of your SDRSP, Canadian component of your TFSA, RESP and QSSP accounts

EasyWeb allows you to complete Foreign Exchange cash transfers

  • Between TD Direct Investing accounts and TD Canada Trust bank accounts (CDN to U.S., U.S. to CDN) in real-time*
  • Between the Canadian$ and US$ components of your Margin, Cash, RSP or TFSA (CDN to U.S., U.S. to CDN)

Use EasyWeb for same currency transfers

  • Between TD Direct Investing accounts (CDN to CDN, U.S. to U.S.) in real-time*

ExpandEasyLine Telephone Banking

ExpandAccess your available balance