Wanting clarity for retirement and ensuring she can live the lifestyle she envisions

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Wanting clarity for retirement
and ensuring she can live
the lifestyle she envisions

At age 54, Dominique is fairly new to her position as
director at a large software company. She owns a
home as well as a vacation property, both of which
are mortgage-free.*

Planning for
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Funding post-secondary education

My son, Paul, had some money of his own saved up for school, and I wanted to help him with the rest.

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Education planning

Paul was working hard to pay for his education, but I wanted to be able to make up any shortfalls along the way. My advisor outlined a number of different solutions for us to explore. He made everything so clear and weighed the options, but in the end I decided to borrow because I was able to get a very low interest rate.

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Helping with a large purchase

I really wanted my daughter to start her new life on
the right foot. I wanted to help her pay for the
wedding of her dreams.

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Cash flow analysis

I had thought about borrowing, but my advisor suggested I use my Tax-Free Savings Account instead. I could make the withdrawal tax free and re-contribute the difference the following year with my bonus.

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Facing an empty nest

The kids were moving into an exciting and independent stage of their lives, leaving me with a large empty home and a cottage that wasn’t being used.

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Infographic illustrates transfer of ownership of cottage

Estate planning

I told my advisor that I was wondering what to do with the cottage. I mean, I would love to keep it in the family, but how would that affect me financially, now and in the future? My advisor gave me straightforward advice on the implications of keeping the cottage myself, transferring ownership to the kids and even transferring it to a trust.

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Coping with a market downturn

I thought I was in a great financial position. Then, the market tanked. All of a sudden, my RSP savings were down.

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Investment management

When the market dropped, I have to admit
that I panicked at first. But then I gave my
advisor a call. He referred back to my plan,
and reminded me that I had a well balanced
portfolio. Just over a year after the decline,
my RSPs had regained almost all of the
value they’d lost.

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Chart illustrates the rebound of the market by December 2013, with sample investment regaining value lost during downturn

Weighing an early retirement

I was looking forward to retirement and when my employer offered me an optional package, I thought, ‘Wow, maybe I can really make this work.’

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Infographic illustrates potential sources of retirement income from registered investments, pension, government income streams and non-registered investments

Retirement planning

I didn’t understand a lot of the financial language in the retirement package from my employer. And I had no idea if my combined assets would be enough to provide me with the retirement income I wanted. My advisor worked with other specialists at TD Wealth to assess a retirement income plan that would work for me.

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* Not real customers. Composite created for illustration only.

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Dave and Lin were ready to step back from their business and enjoy retirement. They needed professional wealth management advice to help them with business succession, retirement planning and leaving a legacy.

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