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Private Wealth Services

Expand Private banking services

For individuals who have acquired a significant amount of wealth, we offer dedicated private banking services that provide a high level of personal attention.

These services can include:

  • Cash management. We offer savings and chequing accounts, overdraft protection and monitoring, family trust and holding company accounts, wire payments and foreign exchange, for both Canadian- and U.S.-dollar accounts.
  • Cross-border banking and credit. Easily transfer money1 between your Canadian and U.S.-based bank accounts, apply for U.S. mortgages2 and/or credit cards3 based on your Canadian assets,4 income and credit history and review your Canadian and U.S.-based accounts online, on the same web page.
  • Short-term investments. We offer high-interest savings accounts, term deposits/ Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs), money market funds, treasury bills and commercial paper.

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Expand Custom credit strategies

Your advisor can call in the appropriate specialists to identify credit strategies to help meet your needs.

These may include:

  • Financing for professionals such as lawyers, accountants, doctors and dentists
  • Loans and lines of credit, both unsecured and secured by real estate or investments
  • Foreign exchange hedging to manage currency exposure risk
  • Equity monetization strategies

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Expand Portfolio management

We provide both discretionary and non-discretionary investment management, giving you the benefit of a professionally managed portfolio while giving you the freedom to choose the extent to which you are involved in decision-making.

An investment professional will work with you to help put in place a portfolio that reflects your time horizon and provides the cash flow and liquidity you may need. Specific investment solutions may include:

  • Segregated fixed income and equity strategies
  • Pooled funds
  • Multiple investment styles for equities
  • Active and passive investment management
  • Socially responsible investing
  • Private equity
  • Commodity fund
  • Principal-protected and principal-at-risk structured notes

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Expand Estate administration

Estate and trust advisors specialize in supporting wealth and estate planning strategies as well as administering wills and trust structures. They can help you take steps today to put in place an estate plan for transferring your wealth in accordance with your wishes.

Where TD Wealth Private Trust is named as executor of your will, our specialists will work to prudently settle, administer and distribute your estate, including communicating with your beneficiaries and seeing that tax returns are filed on behalf of the estate.

Where TD Wealth Private Trust is named as trustee of any trusts created under your will, our specialists will work to prudently administer the terms of the trust until the property is distributed. Similar to our role as executor, in our capacity as trustee, we will also communicate with the trust beneficiaries and see that the necessary tax filing requirements are met.

If you have been named as executor of a will or trustee of a trust, we can help in this situation by assisting with the duties associated with the settlement and administration of the estate or trust, including identifying, protecting and valuing the assets of the estate or trust, distributing assets to the beneficiaries and arranging for the filing and payment of taxes. The named executor or trustee can retain us throughout the administration of the estate or trust or we can be retained for specific areas of expertise. At all times, decision-making authority resides with the named executor or trustee.

Your estate and trust specialists can help:

  • Plan for the smooth and amicable administration of your affairs
  • Protect the financial interests of future generations
  • Effectively manage expenses, taxes, costs and minimize delays, and
  • Create an estate plan that can meet your long-term goals

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Expand Business succession planning

A business succession plan can help maximize your business's value and secure your own financial future, whether you choose to transfer your business to one or more of your loved ones, sell it to partners or a third party or close it down and sell the assets.

Planning helps with transition both emotionally and financially, not just for you and your loved ones, but your employees and your successor as well.

Our business succession planning specialists take a holistic approach to planning that recognizes the connection between your business and personal finances. We work with your current advisors to implement the solutions you may need before, during and after the transition period.

Your comprehensive, detailed business succession plan can be built to address your family's current and future financial needs, taxation issues and protection of your assets and estate in the event of death or disability. A business plan may help to:

  • Enhance payouts
  • Minimize taxes
  • Inspire confidence in stakeholders
  • Avoid delays or business disputes
  • Clearly define roles during the transition period

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Expand Philanthropy

If you are looking for an effective way to create a lasting legacy to support the charities that matter most to you, the
Private Giving Foundation is an easy, cost-effective solution.

The Private Giving Foundation is an independent public charity. With a donor-advised account, you choose the grant amounts and charities you wish to support. The foundation takes care of the rest – from remitting to charities, to providing detailed quarterly statements, to issuing tax receipts.

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Expand Tax planning

From investment, to retirement, to business succession and estate planning, effective tax planning plays a key role in building, preserving and transferring your wealth.

We have tax specialists who can assist you in even the most complex areas, including cross-border planning, inter-generational wealth transfers and charitable giving. We also provide tax preparation services for individuals, corporations and trusts.

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Expand Trusts

Inter vivos (living) and testamentary trusts may play an important part in preserving and transferring your wealth. We are familiar with the many different types of trusts that can be used to satisfy a wide range of objectives. We even offer trust services for Aboriginal communities that may be involved in a land settlement claim or an impact benefit agreement with a third party.

Depending on your unique situation, trust structures may be tax-efficient and they may additionally assist in:

  • Supporting a beneficiary with special needs
  • Providing an income stream to a loved one for life
  • Providing ongoing support to a favourite charity
  • The education or support of a beneficiary, such as a child or grandchild
  • Deferring transfer of property to an individual until a certain age is reached or a certain time period has passed
  • Holding an important asset, such as a cottage or family business
  • Providing for situations involving a blended family or second marriage
  • Offering creditor protection

Your advisor and TD trust specialist can help you explore the advantages of one or more trusts for your personal situation and, where appropriate, we can be involved with the trust’s ongoing administration activities.

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You can rely on TD Wealth to provide you with open, straightforward advice to help you realize your goals whether you are just starting to save and invest or have accumulated significant wealth that would benefit from professional management.

How TD Wealth Helped Lin and Dave
  • Investable assets, excluding real estate and business assets: $2.8 million
  • Financial goal: ensuring their portfolio and estate affairs are being professionally managed and protected

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