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Engaging Stakeholders

Proactively listening to the views and concerns of others is a key part of our program and we regularly engage with a range of environmental stakeholders. TD is committed to facilitating meaningful and relevant discussion on environmental issues at hand.

Our key environmental stakeholders include:

  1. Groups that are interested in our financing activities;
  2. Employees
  3. Community organizations.

Our goal is to play an active role in facilitating stakeholder dialogue and discussion, to help promote understanding and solutions to environmental challenges. Our business stakeholders include industry associations, governments, Aboriginal communities and organizations, environmental advocacy groups and academia.


Our employees are our biggest environmental advocates. Not only do they spot opportunities to reduce our environmental footprint, they also raise awareness of TD’s environmental programs with customers. Independent surveys identify TD’s employees among the most environmentally engaged of our peer group of large corporations.

Learn more about TD’s Green Nation
  • TD Green Nation is a web-based employee engagement tool that that allows employees to pledge and accomplish green acts in the workplace, at home or through volunteering in the community.

  • TD has approximately 70 Green Teams in our corporate offices across Canada. And, in each one of our Canadian branches, a Green Leader acts as a “point person” for environmental initiatives and campaigns.

  • Social Media. We have created a social media community, Environment @ TD, on our internal social media platform. Through Environment @ TD, employees are encouraged to have direct conversations and share knowledge on environmental matters.