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Black River Preserve, South Carolina

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The 32-hectare (80-acre) Freeman tract along the scenic Black River is an important addition to The Nature Conservancy's (TNC's) nearly 700-hectare (1,700-acre) Black River Preserve in South Carolina.

Ecological significance

The Black River Preserve runs for eight kilometres (five miles) along the Black River, which derives its tea-like color from tannins in the leaves of the deciduous hardwoods that dominate the swamp forest.

Common trees include red maple, overcup oak, swamp chestnut oak, water oak, laurel oak, white oak, water hickory, green ash, sweet gum, river birch, water tupelo, swamp tupelo, bald cypress, and loblolly pine.

Due to its exceptional condition, the hardwood swamps along the Black River are a favorite nesting site for the state-endangered swallow-tailed kite. Researchers have discovered a remnant stand of millennial bald cypress here as well.

In 2013, TD Forests worked with TNC to help protect the Freeman tract as part of the Black River Preserve.

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