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First TD Tree Days

First TD Tree Days

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Launched as an employee engagement program in 2010, TD Tree Days provides volunteers with a meaningful, tangible way to leave a legacy in their communities.

During the inaugural events in 2010, 3,500 employees planted 18,000 trees in 54 communities across Canada, from Victoria to St. John’s and many points in between.

Since then, TD Tree Days has branched out to the U.S. and across the ocean. By the end of 2014, thousands of volunteers, including TD employees, their families and friends, and our customers and community partners, had planted more than 185,000 trees in four countries through the program. TD has set a goal to plant another 50,000 trees in 2015.

We are proud of this initiative and grateful to all of the volunteers who have dug-in to help grow their local forest canopy.

Want to get involved or find out more? Visit the TD Tree Days website.

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