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Our Stories: First TD Green Streets

First TD Green Streets

Mississauga, Ontario

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In 2010, TD Friends of the Environment Foundation became the title sponsor of Green Streets – Tree Canada's flagship program. Since its inception in 1994, almost 500 Canadian municipalities have received Green Streets funding.

TD Green Streets encourages the adoption of leading-edge practices in urban forestry by providing grants to help bring to life innovative projects to help grow and care for urban forests and community green spaces.

The program is open to municipalities, Aboriginal communities and business-improvement associations across Canada, which are eligible to receive matching grants of up to $15,000 to support urban forestry projects.

Over the years, funded projects have included bio-swales, rain gardens, citizen pruner programs, urban orchards and "living walls."

City of Mississauga "Living Wall"

In an effort to improve the quality of life for its citizens, the City of Mississauga turned to the environment to find a way to reduce noise. The result was the construction of a "living wall" – an ecological sound barrier that offers an environmentally friendly alternative to standard sound barriers. The wall was constructed of earth and shrub willow trees, which have the ability to root and grow at an accelerated rate. The living wall not only reduces noise for nearby citizens, but has brought nature to the urban environment. Over 100 community residents, including students from a local school, were engaged in the project.

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