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Developing Leaders

Building talent at TD for today and tomorrow is critical to our future growth and is a key accountability for TD executives and leaders at all levels. Business leaders continually identify and assess the strength of our talent pipeline for those who are capable and aspire to take on leadership roles in the future.

Our CEO, the Senior Executive team and other leaders participate in and help facilitate TD’s leadership development programs. These programs give participants direct access to leaders and ensure a greater understanding of TD’s leadership values, business strategy and culture.

Our key programs and tools include:
  • Build for the Future (BFTF) – A program for executives that emphasizes the role of leaders in building talent for the future and deepens understanding about creating an inclusive environment. Our CEO makes it a priority to attend and spends time answering questions about TD’s business and talent strategies, our culture and our values. To date, almost all of TD’s 1800+ executives have attended the BFTF program, with plans in place to develop and launch its next evolution.

  • BFTF Leadership Curriculum builds leadership skills in both people managers and individual contributors. The core three-day BFTF Pipeline program is modeled on BFTF to ensure that we have a strong pool of management-level candidates for future executive leadership positions who understand our strategies, the role of leaders and our culture. Learning is sustained through an online Collaboration Centre for Leadership Excellence offering articles, blogs, a calendar of events, themed webinar topics, and e-newsletters.

  • 360° Feedback provides an opportunity to provide honest, confidential feedback to executives, managers and employees in the leadership pipeline specific to behaviours from the TD Leadership Profile. The focus of TD’s 360° Feedback program is personal development, not performance.

  • Customized Leadership Development involves additional tools and programs, including external skills assessments with industrial psychologists, coaches to support job transitions or capability-building, mentoring, development programs at elite global business schools such as Harvard and Stanford, and business interaction sessions with our Board of Directors.

  • ACHIEVE is a U.S. Retail Leadership Program that prepares top-performing retail employees for the next step in their career. ACHIEVE offers classroom, online and on-the-job learning, a mentor relationship and personal connections with other participants.



TD Received the Gold Canadian Award for Training Excellence from the Canadian Society of Training and Development


TD Bank was named a Training Top 125 winner for the eighth year in a row for employee development by Training magazine