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We are constantly striving to improve the employee experience. To do so, we engage employees in the process by getting their strategic input and ideas and ongoing feedback.

Measuring employee engagement

We regularly conduct a company-wide survey called TD Pulse. It provides employees with an opportunity to rate aspects of their work environment, and allows TD to track levels of engagement across our workforce. To maintain confidentiality, the survey is managed by an independent third-party. Typically, we achieve over 85% participation.

Sample TD Pulse Questions:
  • I feel comfortable bringing work-related concerns to my manager.
  • My manager provides ongoing feedback that helps me improve my performance.
  • In the last 6 months, I have had opportunities to develop my skills and abilities.
  • I am able to achieve the balance I need between my personal life and my work life at TD.
  • TD is genuinely committed to the well-being of its employees.
  • TD treats employees fairly regardless of their age, family/marital status, gender, disability, race/colour, religion, or sexual orientation.
  • TD takes a genuine interest in the well-being of communities in which it does business.

Additional channels

We listen to employees, gather feedback and encourage dialogue in a variety of other ways, including:

  • One-on-one discussions;
  • Focus groups;
  • 360° feedback to managers;
  • Town halls and cross-country road shows; and
  • Intranet blogs and forums.

Making it comfortable to voice issues and concerns

For employees who may not be comfortable speaking directly with their manager or human resources, the following options are available to help address issues or concerns:

  • Our Employee Ombuds Office is a safe place to be heard, with confidential, neutral, off-the-record assistance on work-related issues.
  • The Employee Complaint Resolution Process, easily accessible through our intranet, ensures that an employee complaint is formally documented, received by the right people and handled quickly without fear of reprisal.
  • Employees and other stakeholders can use TD’s Whistleblower Hotline to anonymously report any concerns regarding ethical, legal or accounting matters.