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Privacy and Security

How we protect you

Providing a secure transaction environment
Extensive security features let you feel confident online

The TD Online and Mobile Security Guarantee

You’re protected.
In the unlikely event you experience a TD account loss resulting from a transaction through a TD online or mobile service, that you did not authorize, you will receive 100% reimbursement of those account losses provided you have met your security responsibilities. 
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Online security

We use the latest security technology to ensure that you can interact online with us safely and confidently.

Card security

Beyond using signature verification and Personal Identification Numbers (PINs), we are introducing chip technology in our TD Canada Trust Access Cards and credit cards to provide an added level of security.

  • TD Canada Trust Access Cards are embedded with a microchip that stores information in a secure encrypted format that is virtually impossible to copy, providing additional security when accessing your accounts at the ATM or when transacting at merchants.
  • TD Canada Trust credit cards offer a convenient, secure way to pay for merchandise and services, with the additional security of PIN and chip technology, making it more difficult for unauthorized users to copy or access the information on the card.

Additional security technology

TD Direct Investing Voice Print System

TD Direct Investing’s telephone voice verification system uses leading-edge voice verification technology to provide you with enhanced security and instant access, with your voice acting as your password.

TD Commercial Banking Cheque Fraud Protection Service

TD Commercial Banking’s fraud protection tool provides a web-based facility for managing cheques clearing through your Canadian dollar and domestic U.S. dollar business accounts.