Options For Electronic Communications

Options for Electronic Communications

We've made it easy for you to update how TD communicates commercial electronic messages with you.

You can update how TD communicates commercial electronic messages to you by email and SMS/text by completing the form below.
We will respect your opt-out instructions for commercial electric messages. However, because we are required to communicate certain types of information to our customers in accordance with contractual or other legal or regulatory obligations, you may still receive communications from TD electronically even if you unsubscribe.

For more information about Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), visit the Government of Canada website.

Contact us

You may also contact TD by mail, email or phone to opt-in or opt-out of commercial electronic messages.

Mailing address:

TD CASL Office
Toronto Dominion Centre
PO Box 1
Toronto, ON
M5K 1A2