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Product Responsibility

Product and Service Labelling

DMA Product and Service Labelling is one aspect of TD’s approach to Product and Services.
We train our employees to take sufficient time to explain issues and answer questions. We make product and fee information readily available in our branches, stores, investment centres and websites, and our guidelines require us to present information about our products and services in clear, easy-to-understand language.
  • OfficerShared accountability across Compliance, Marketing, Product Groups and Distribution
Ways we measure our approach and impacts
  • Customer Experience results
  • Sales
  • Customer retention
  • Accessibility of services
  • Access locations across network
  • Internal monitoring and testing reviews
Relevant TD policies
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G4-PR3 Type of product and service information required by the organization’s procedures for product and service information and labelling.
G4-PR4 Total number of incidents of non-compliance with voluntary codes concerning product and service information and labelling.

In 2014 there were no incidents of non-compliance with regulations and voluntary codes concerning any form of marketing communications of products and services.

G4-PR5 Results of surveys measuring customer satisfaction.

Listening to our Customers

Delivering "legendary customer experiences" is core to TD's business strategy. In 2014, we contacted over 600,000 customers to ask for feedback. We want to know if the customer is likely to recommend TD to their friends, family or colleagues, based on a recent visit or call.

The results of these surveys form our Customer Experience Index (CEI) in Canada and our Customer WOW! Index in the U.S. We use CEI and CWI to help set targets and drive improvement, and the results have a direct impact on all employees' compensation.

G4-FS15 Policies for the fair design and sale of financial products
G4-FS16 Initiatives to enhance financial literacy by type of beneficiary

Customer Privacy

DMA Customer privacy is one aspect of TD’s Global approach to Privacy and Data Security
The bank actively monitors, manages and continues to enhance its ability to mitigate technology and information-security risks through enterprise-wide programs, industry best practices and robust threat and vulnerability assessments and responses.
  • Chief Risk Officer
  • Chief Privacy Officer
  • Senior Vice President, Technology Risk Management and Information Security
Ways we measure our approach and impacts
  • Continuity of service and systems
  • Incident tracking and risk assessments
Relevant TD policies
  • Privacy Code
  • TD has additional policies to support the management of privacy, fraud and data security
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G4-PR8 Total number of substantiated complaints regarding breaches of customer privacy and losses of customer data.

In Canada, we had one privacy complaint from a customer in which the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada ruled in favour of the customer. This was up from 2013 when there were no such cases.