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TD Helps

Great customer service also means supporting customers in tough times. As our customers feel the ongoing impact of global economic turbulence, they continue to ask us to stand by them. And we do.

TD Helps

There are two components:

  • TD Helps: Advice platform
    This online Q&A forum brings together TD experts and community members (like real estate agents, lawyers, accountants, etc.) who respond to financial enquiries from consumers. People can ask questions and get credible advice and tips on financial topics such as saving and managing money, investing and planning for retirement, home ownership, and borrowing and managing credit. Comments are welcome too. It’s a dynamic community where multiple opinions and replies are encouraged.

    Visit the TD Helps forum

screenshot of TD Helps forum

  • TD Helps: Credit options
    We encourage customers to talk to us so we can help them get back on track before it’s too late. The practical solutions we offer help personal customers keep their homes or manage their non-mortgage debt and small business banking customers manage their cash flow. Since its introduction in 2009, this program has provided support to over 227,000 Canadians.

“The day of our first meeting when I needed your help to restructure my failing business, you changed my life…Your faith in me and my business allowed me to get back on my feet and start rebuilding my business.”

Small Business Customer, Milton, Ont.