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Product Information

We want to help our customers understand the financial products and services they purchase.

  • Our employees are trained to take sufficient time to explain issues and answer questions.
  • We make product and fee information readily available in our branches, stores, investment centres and websites, and we present it in clear, easy-to-understand language.
  • TD follows many industry-level Codes of Conduct and Public Commitments that are designed to protect consumers and ensure they are provided with information to assist them with their financial decisions.

Our products and services are designed to meet genuine customer needs. In both our retail and wealth management businesses we have checks and balances in place to ensure adherence to our corporate values and selling practices.

All employees receive training on product features, Know Your Customer policies and suitability. Branch and phone-based sales representatives are trained to use online discussion tools in their conversations with customers. These tools prompt employees to consistently put the customer first, ask the right questions and suggest appropriate solutions. An example is Account Advisor which helps ensure customers are not paying for products or services they don’t need. In the case of credit products, our credit underwriting team checks that customers are not being over-extended and offers alternative solutions if necessary.

TD employees who provide investment advice are also guided by Know Your Customer policies and suitability rules. Through discussion and analysis, the advisor establishes a client’s financial objectives, goals and aspirations. The advisor asks a set of questions designed to clearly understand the client’s investment objectives, tolerance for risk, and the time period over which he or she plans to invest. The advisor is then able to make investment recommendations based upon the client’s needs. We encourage clients to meet with an advisor on a regular basis to ensure any changes in their personal circumstances are reflected in their overall investment strategy.