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Service and Convenience

We want to deliver legendary experiences that inspire our customers to recommend us to their friends and family.

Legendary customer experience is at the heart of TD's business strategy. We look for opportunities in our operations and processes, products and services - to make banking simple, fast and easy for our customers.

TD continues to deliver on its convenience and comfort strategy, actively responding to customers’ growing preference for mobile banking and their demand for a seamless customer experience - wherever, whenever and however they chose to connect with us.

Mobile Banking

More and more people are switching to mobile banking every day. To meet this demand, we have responded with the TD app, which helps customers check account balances, move money, find branches and more.

Here is a list of initiatives we have taken to address mobile banking in response to evolving customer expectations:

  • TD Mobile Deposit
    Integrated into the TD app, this allows eligible personal and business customers to deposit cheques into their bank account by taking a photo with their smartphone or tablet.
  • Mobile Money Manager
    TD Bank began work with New York-based Moven on the development of a real-time financial-management tool, designed to help customers keep track of their purchases, allowing them to tighten up discretionary spending and save money.
  • TD Mobile Payment
    This secure payment solution allows customers to pay for everyday purchases with their smartphones. TD was the first bank in Canada to offer, on a variety of devices, a mobile payment solution for Canada’s three major wireless networks.
  • TD Insurance App
    TD also rolled out a separate mobile app for its TD Insurance customers in Canada. A key feature of this app is the accident toolkit, which offers a step-by-step guide to submitting a claim and gives our customers one-click access to important phone numbers.