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Data Protection

We work hard to manage our business in a way that reinforces customer confidence and protects their information.

Information security and fraud protection

TD has a large team of security and fraud-management professionals focused on protecting customer information against unauthorized access and use. The team continually assesses and advances our security systems, programs and procedures to ensure they are robust and reflect global trends.


To help safeguard customers’ information, TD has strong privacy programs and practices in place across our global operations. We meet or exceed applicable privacy laws in countries where we do business.

Fraud prevention: customers have a role to play too

With fraud affecting thousands of people each year, it’s not something any of us should take lightly. We educate our customers on ways they can identify and protect themselves against theft, online scams and other fraud risks. We reinforce the fact that we do not ask customers to provide personal or log-in information through unsolicited e-mail.

Image of TD’s animated video about online ‘phishing’ scams

Watch TD’s animated video about online ‘phishing’ fraud