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A thank you can change someone's day

“Customers are at the centre of everything we do.”

Customers are at the centre of everything we do at TD. That's why we decided a thank you was in order, surprising our customers – who thought they were making a routine trip to their ATM – with roundtrip tickets to Trinidad and Disneyland, money for RESP accounts and more. After posting these special moments in our #TDThanksYou video on YouTube, it received more than 18-million views and ample support from the communities across our footprint.

We went in-depth with some of these customers, in particular Mike Jobin, who was given the opportunity to throw the first pitch at a Blue Jay's game with Jose Bautista.

To all our customers, #TDThanksYou for helping to make us The Better Bank.

TD serves more than 23 million customers globally.

TD serves a broad diversity of customers across more than 2,500 communities in North America.

TD speaks more than 200 languages across our footprint.

Providing comfort from the storm

Angus, Ontario

“The first 30 seconds of shyness were quickly overcome with joy and excitement when the little boy first noticed his new sandbox.”

As she made her way into the Angus Community Centre parking lot, Jaclyn Bettle, Manager of Customer Experience, TD Insurance, was hit by a wave of emotion. It was Friday, June 20, 2014 – only days after a tornado had hit and devastated the small town. Uprooted trees lay strewn across a nearby field. Debris littered the area. Jaclyn and her team braced for action.

Donning boots and hard hats, Jaclyn, alongside Peter Vaughan and Derek Francis of TD Insurance's Mobile Response Unit (MRU), approached the site with a detailed plan. Surveying the site through the eyes of their customers, the three were emotionally struck by remnants of everyday life the storm had left behind – furniture, children's toys and a dinner still set at a kitchen table.

A concerned customer approached the group inquiring about the expected wait time of his claim. Peter was quick to respond, offering to visit the home immediately to assess damages – which were substantial. Among them? A little boy's beloved sandbox had been carried away by the story. Peter returned that day with a cheque for the family, and a few days later with a brand new sandbox for their son.

The first 30 seconds of shyness were quickly overcome with joy and excitement when the little boy first noticed his new sandbox. He jumped right in to play!" said Jaclyn.

Peter, Jaclyn, and many TD employees came together to support the Angus community in the wake of the tornado. Working as a team and focusing on what matters most to customers in times of crisis, TD Insurance demonstrated what it means to be The Better Bank.


PrairieSky rises to new heights

TD Securities co-leads largest Canadian IPO in 14 years with great results

“TD and Encana teams worked closely together over an eight month period to craft the PrairieSky story.”

In May 2014, Encana completed an initial public offering (IPO) for PrairieSky Royalty Ltd., a pure-play oil and gas royalty company with approximately five-million acres in Western Canada. The IPO was increased from $804 million to $1.7 billion with over $9 billion in demand from 229 institutions. PrairieSky Royalty represented both the largest energy IPO and fourth largest IPO in Canadian history. TD acted as lead left Joint Bookrunner on the transaction.

“For such an incredibly successful IPO, we needed the combination of constructive capital markets, a strong management team, and an exciting story,” said Alec Clark, Managing Director and Head of Calgary Investment Banking with TD Securities.

Knowing Encana had the right ingredients, the TD and Encana teams worked closely together over an eight-month period to craft the PrairieSky story and prepare the necessary marketing, financial and legal documentation to launch the offering. The IPO roadshow included three weeks of meetings across Canada, the United States and Europe.

“Developing these lands had not been a focus for Encana,” stated Clark, speaking to the IPO’s strong performance. “Now you’re putting the business in the hands of a team focused exclusively on creating value from these lands – that’s what the market got excited about.”

This transaction was not only a benefit for Encana, but for TD as well. There's a perception that markets are not large enough to pull off a transaction of this size and magnitude. This IPO proved, beyond a doubt, that a made-in-Canada solution was the right advice.

“TD has been a relationship bank with Encana for years,” he noted. “At the end of the day it was a very good outcome for our client – they surfaced $4.2 billion of value for their shareholders. It was a financially shrewd, market savvy move for Encana.”

In September, the IPO was followed up by a $2.6 billion secondary offering for Encara's remaining shares in PrairieSky with TD as the lead left bookrunner – the largest energy secondary offering and fourth largest secondary offering in Canadian history.


Partnering for a more sustainable future

Nalcor Energy
Muskrat Falls, Labrador

“TD Securities was selected by Nalcor Energy, the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador and the Government of Canada to lead the financing of one of Nalcor Energy's largest projects.”

Commitment to environmental efforts in the communities where we work is a key focus for TD. In that vein, TD Securities was selected by Nalcor Energy, the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador and the Government of Canada to lead the financing of one of Nalcor Energy's largest projects in one of the most attractive undeveloped hydroelectric areas in North America: Muskrat Falls located on the lower Churchill River.

"TD truly took the time to understand the financing objectives and requirements of Nalcor and other stakeholders involved in the Muskrat Falls Project," said Derrick Sturge, Nalcor Energy's Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer.

Hydroelectric power is a critical energy resource for Newfoundland and Labrador, and Nalcor focuses on creating these sustainable development opportunities for the province – exactly what the Muskrat Falls Project will do for residents of the Province. The Project will help produce long-term stable electricity rates and much needed resources for generations to come through a new generating facility, hydroelectric dam and more than 1,500 kilometres of transmission lines. First power is expected in late 2017.

The bond offering was closed in December of 2013, and was the largest long infrastructure, crown, or Canada guaranteed, deal ever completed through a single issuance in Canada.

"During the entire selection process, right through to the day of pricing, we were very impressed by TD's level of professionalism and commitment to becoming a partner to Nalcor and the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador, ensuring the successful completion of this historic transaction," said Sturge.


Banking, the Human Way

Deb Weiss

After receiving a call that her mother was seriously ill in Massachusetts, Deb Weiss rushed from her home in California to be by her side.

With Deb's father in a nursing home and her mother still recovering, she soon realized that many bills were overdue and some critical services were in danger of becoming disconnected. Next stop: her parent's home bank in Peabody, Massachusetts – TD Bank, America's Most Convenient Bank®.

Store Manager David Bonilla sat down with Deb and calmly explained the procedures for adding her name to the account – including the need for a notary to witness her parents' signatures. With time short and both parents unable to travel, Deb needed to figure out a plan quickly. "That's when I saw what 'banking human' was all about," she said. On his lunch hour, David drove Deb to her mother's house, then to her father's nursing home, to witness their signatures.

"I could not have done it without David stepping up. He took banking to a new level and helped avert potential disaster for my family," said Deb. "His selfless and professional assistance in a time of need still has me crying rivers."

Stories like Deb's show how going that extra mile is a big part of the Banking Human philosophy at TD.

“On his lunch hour, David drove Deb to her mother's house, then to her father's nursing home, to witness their signatures.”

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