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Little Words, Big Meaning

London, Ontario

Employees at the Credit Card Contact Centre in London, Ontario are taking legendary customer service to the next level with a simple, yet uplifting phrase.

The team was instrumental in championing "How Can I Make Your Day Better?" – a question each employee asks when a customer calls into the Centre.

John Dyson, also known as "Captain Connection," has truly led this initiative, rallying his colleagues together to show their TD green and make us proud by focusing on what they do every day in the most positive way. For them, it's about putting a little sunshine in someone's day. "I am all about helping people," said John. "I like to make people smile."

Thank you, John and the London Credit Card Contact Centre Team for going above and beyond in every customer interaction, creating legendary experiences with every call.

“I'm all about helping people," said John. "I like to make people smile.”

TD Bank, America’s Most Convenient Bank®, was named among the Top 50 Companies for Diversity for the second year in a row.

TD Bank, America's Most Convenient Bank®, was voted Best Place to Work for LGBT Equality for a sixth straight year.

TD Bank Group was named one of the World's Most Admired Companies.

Our employees are sweating the small stuff

“These are only a few examples – each day, TD has the honour of adding more stories to the list.”

Across our footprint, TD employees are taking the notion of don’t sweat the small stuff and flipping it upside down. By sweating the small stuff, employees are creating impactful experiences for customers that truly make a difference in their day.

"To be The Better Bank, you have to be the better employee," says Ebonie Adams, Teller 2 in Darien, Connecticut. Ebonie adds her personal touch by including inspirational quotes at the bottom of every customer transaction. This small act of kindness proved invaluable to one out-of-state customer who said that Ebonie's thoughtful words forever changed their life.

Joshua Schedel, a Branch Manager and his team in Chilliwack, British Columbia, noticed some unusual activity with a longstanding customer's account. Further investigation revealed that the customer had recently suffered the loss of his beloved pet. The Chilliwack team quickly banded together to gift the customer with pet supplies and a new feline friend.

It was just another day for Melissa Melo, a Customer Service Manager in Saint-Eustache, Quebec, when a distraught customer walked through her branch doors. The woman explained that her house had burned down and she didn't know where to go for help. Melissa immediately contacted the surrounding branches to gather housewares, clothing and furniture, and opened an account for donations. A total of $1,831.60 and 10 large bags of clothing were collected for the customer and her family to start anew.

Betty Nixon took the advice of friends and joined TD Bank, America's Most Convenient Bank®. "Every time I go in they make me feel like the red carpet has been rolled out just for me," she said in a written letter to her branch. Betty felt most appreciated when she told them about her adopted rescue beagle undergoing cancer surgery. "They could not wait to meet my dog, and I could tell they really cared. I feel like they are friends, not just bankers."

These are only a few examples – each day, TD has the honour of adding more stories to the list. We are thankful for all our employees who sweat the small stuff, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to our customers.


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